Exit Management

Hassle Free Process for Employee Leaving Organization

Have you ever wondered why Employee Exit procedures are always a head ache? Are you running out the last minute trying to do the employee clearances? Exenta HRMS provides a comprehensive solution for Exit Management right from the employee separation requests, to conducting meetings, retaining employees or relieving them. Exenta’s automated process automatically calculates the employee notice periods and salary settlements. Automated clearances and letter issuances take your Exit Management to a higher level of ease, helping managers to spend lesser time on such issues and concentrate more on the mission critical HR issues. Exenta’s dashboards help you understand the attrition rates and also the reasoning for employee exits which helps managers to identify and improve their critical areas.
When it comes to exit interviews and employment termination, HRMS reduces the burden on both HR managers and employees. As it is a sensitive topic, many employees may feel more comfortable using an HRMS to finish their formalities rather than having to meet with an HR manager.

Core Features

  • Separation Management
  • Termination of Employee
  • Automated Asset /payroll Clearance process
  • Manage succession planning to fill the gap
  • Define employee separation and notice periods
  • Setting up termination due to unauthorized absence


Configure the exit process as per the organization policies and processes.

Employees can initiate the separation request online and based on the configured workflow, resignations and terminations can be approved or rejected.

Set up questions to be uploaded in the exit questionnaires automatically based on the departments and their period of service.

Define departments from which NDC is required and the department specific check.

Online exit forms and exit interviews can be initiated and automated mails sent to the employees.

Complete information regarding the exit employee is captured and analyzed through the exit reports to discover separation patterns and top reasons why employees are leaving.

All the standard features are available on tablets and mobiles which make it all the more easier to access from anywhere.

Exit Management

The Exit Management automates the employee separation process from employee separation requests, to conducting meetings, retaining employees or relieving them.