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Book & travel anywhere, anytime. Stay one step ahead!

No one wants to key in the same data, multiple times in multiple systems. With Exenta’s travel solution, manual, paper-based expense reports are a thing of the past. Organizations can better improve control and gain visibility into travel spending. Exenta pulls all the pieces of travel and expense management together into one system that’s tailored to your business from travel procurement and itinerary management to expense reporting. Exenta, an integrated travel and expense solution, helps organizations save time and money spend during every step of the business traveller’s journey before, during, and after the trip. Built-in workflow and travel rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve in-policy expenses. Exenta reimburses employees directly and pays corporate travel cards – quickly and accurately – and all online without any paper to clutter up the works. Travel content is delivered based on defined corporate policies and individual traveller preferences. Not only do employees find it easier to book travel, but it’s all within policy. We’ve designed our travel booking tool to make the business travel experience better.

Core Features

  • Define Travel Types and Travel modes
  • Types of travelling expenses, allowances, accommodation etc
  • Travel desk management (In-house /Agency)
  • Visa Process / Travel Insurance /Foreign currency conversion
  • Travel extension /pre closure process


Define travel types and modes, outline travelling expenses, allowances, accommodation and coordinate various types of travels.

Reporting and analytics which help Organizations to improve control and gain visibility into travel spending.

Employee’s can create travel requests, get the travel authorized with automated email requests and even claim reimbursements.

Travel desk can be maintained either in-house or with the help of an agency.

Visa processing assistance, travel insurance management, foreign currency conversion and easy management of travel extension or pre-closures.

Submission and processing of travel reimbursement bills through scan and uploads.

All the standard features are available on tablets and mobiles which make it all the more easier to access from anywhere and at anytime.

Travel Management

Exenta’s Travel Management lets manual, paper-based expense reports become a thing of the past.