Migrating to New HRMS

Why you should look for new vendor for HRMS?

In India most of the companies are still using an outdated HRMS or basic excel to manage the HR activities.

The current system might be satisfying the existing needs, but the automation and technological advantages of the latest HRMS systems in the market is missed by these companies.

If any one of the following issue is faced it is high time that the company should migrate to a latest HRMS system.

Still dependent on paper and printing data ?

If the current vendor convinces that paper printing is quite normal, think about migrating to a new HRMS solution.

Current system is slow and difficult to use

  • Is the existing system very slow and hard to use?
  • Is the data transferred manually between each module?
  • Does the HRMS used seem almost like a data entry tool?
  • Then the best option is a fully automated HRMS which will automatically manage and move employee data across all the modules of HRMS.
  • If the vendor is called most of the time in managing the current system then changing the system would be a best thought.
  • Otherwise a lot of time would be invested in calling the vendor for managing the system.

Poor customer support

If felt like being at the mercy of the current vendor for support then the vendor should be changed.

If the whole system goes down one fine day due to some technical problem and the current vendor support staff does not respond properly then it will be like a big adversity for the business. 

Improper resource utilization

Even if an HRMS is placed and still the employees run to the HR for minor details then migrating to a new system should be considered.

Because having a proper automated HRMS can avoid all these stuffs and the entire employee and HR communication will be automated through the HRMS. 


Remember the key test is if the accuracy of the data in the new system equals or exceeds the old then the HRMS data migration was a success. 

Use this opportunity to make a transformational debut for the company HRMS platform and have very happy, engaged and aligned employees!






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