Convenience of HR Automation

HR automation is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system. HR automation tool automates HR process and eliminates HR Admin work and improves efficiency of the HR Team. Undoubtedly the HR department is one of the most crucial departments in an organization thrust with overwork in multiple sectors of the company’s projects for its benefit. An HR is responsible for answering tons of questions relating to the welfare of the organization on a daily basis which pushes them to a very hectic routine. This is where HR automation proves its worth in every role supposed to be done by an HR, as it is upfront and updated with all data and all important information of the organization and the employees at just a click, in matter of seconds.


When done manually immense time is misspent in paperwork while in hunt for hiring a new employee. This task is made uncomplicated in HR automation. The paperwork from resume of the employee to job description, and the offer letter, everything is done automatically. This not only reduces time but also helps to analyze and recruit the perfect employee for the required designation.

Onboarding/ Offboarding

Onboarding is another important task that the HR has to concentrate on because a small error can cause a massive chaos. The HR automation is of major assist when it comes to Onboarding /offboarding since a computer program is designed to stimulate conversation with human users to guide them pace by pace to fill in the information and wipe out the confusions and clarify the queries of the employees. So the HR personals get to lay low and relax a bit.


Working on Payroll is a hectic task and seems frenetic without out a proper maintaining of the track details of the employee it’s definitely rocket science. Not anymore if leaning on to HR automation. Payroll records will be calculated with accuracy and the time consumption is greatly less comparatively.

Scheduling time

When it comes to time management it is indisputable that manual time tracking is a burdensome assignment. If something happens out of norms unexpectedly in a particular day or week, may be a change in the already scheduled shift it is even more laborious for the HR personnel’s. All these are not a problem with HR automation every detail of each individual employee is up to date and never forgotten or lost.

Exenta HRMS

Exenta HRMS is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system, with twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline each aspect of your Human Capital.

Exenta manages every single process of your Organization helping you manage mission critical operations, such as planning your workforce for the future and also engages your employees with transparency and helps you work towards retention of your employees and maintaining a happy work force. Each module has a comprehensible dashboard, simple and straightforward UI and most importantly customizable reports. 

Exenta on Mobile

Exenta mobile HRMS empowers employees to access their data through their mobiles and it is convenient for employees to work from anywhere and stay updated on people management and organizational activities all the time. Most of the employee self-service features are available through their mobile.

Planning on an automated and paperless effortless HR department work get in touch with us and our team of industry experts will guide you through the best practices and policies.

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