HRMS and Social Media

In today’s HRMS world, integration with social media is a must for any HRMS product in the market. Because employees interact with social media like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis and they openly discuss about the pros and cons of the company. Websites like glass door allows employees to publish their feedback and opinion about their work culture in the current company.

This makes the right information about the company available to candidates before joining the company. Any organization can increase the efficiency of their workforce by connecting with social media in a proper manner. Now a day’s companies are promoting open culture for sharing updates and information about their product and work culture. Also for hiring, social media is a must for any organization for getting the right talent at the right time.

By connecting with social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, HR people recruits great talent in a shorter time as compared to the traditional methods like Job websites. This ultimately increases the productivity of recruiters and quality of the talent. Social media can also be used to promote the learning activities as well as knowledge gain.

Employees can be encouraged to write and maintain blogs in various social media. This can be shared later to the other employees for knowledge transfer. This will improve employee’s knowledge in the product and the domain they are working in. This also improves great networking between employees in the same domain. By this way organization can achieve their goals and improve performance with better knowledgeable employees. In near future Social media will not be just a plug-in which can be added to the HRMS, but it would be a critical tool for managing the employees and their user experience in HRMS. Social media is quite a phenomenon.

It is rapidly gaining users across generations and becoming a main stream business tool. It provides unique opportunities to promote your product and services, find and recruit talented employees. The time to adopt social media strategies and policies in your business is right now. As companies explore the uses of social media in their sales, marketing, public relations, human resources, and customer service, it’s essential that clear company policies exist to help guide employees about the proper use of these technologies.




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