The Correlation between Marketing and Human Resources

Marketing and human resources are not as different as one might think. Whenever we are trying to convince people, we need to position and market our proposition so it looks attractive. The correlation of marketing and human resources, functions in motivating behaviors of customer-contact, employees and this impacts organizational performance. We have to maintain the value of interaction between Marketing and Human Resources which thereby leads to the importance of marketing in HR.

In today’s competitive world talent acquisition is a big and challenging task. As companies increase day by day, getting the right candidates at the right time is a big challenge for any organization. Effective marketing would be the key in future for HR departments for getting the right candidates at the right time. Following would be the keys for effective marketing in HR.

Building an effective and appropriate list

Database building would be one of the key roles in any recruitment process. If you have a proper and categorized database, it would be really easy for you as a HR to get the right candidates on time. This makes sure that you achieve your targets set by the management on time and you being stress free. Database building can be done in a lot of ways such as a good newsletter targeting prospective candidates. Also you can work in social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to get the right candidates.

Having a good newsletter

Maintaining a good newsletter from HR to the prospective candidates will be a great way to keep in touch. This increases a lot of trust and credibility from the candidates point of view. Also candidates will be very well updated about the company achievements and developments. This will indirectly increase the curiosity and interest in the candidates' mind towards the company. You can include all sorts of things like employee engagement and employee welfare in the newsletter so that it will be very well communicated to the candidates.

Working in Social media

Social media like LinkedIn and Facebook will be a great medium for interacting with and finding the right talent for your organization. You can analyze the behavioral pattern of candidates through Facebook by seeing their updates and how they interact with their friends in Facebook. Also you can have a Facebook company page where you can publish your hiring updates. If you have more likes on Facebook that means that there would be a greater reach for your hiring updates. Also through LinkedIn you can find the right resource for your business by checking profiles of candidates.

Writing great articles about career management

Writing great articles about career management connects with the right candidates for your organization. In the articles you should not directly try to promote the company, but you should really focus on the career types which you can offer and how that helps the candidates in the long run. Hiring a writer for the same will be a great idea for any organization.

Having a great corporate video

Having a great corporate video helps to build the brand of the company quickly. A video speaks a lot than a normal content. In the video you can show company achievements and employee engagement. Visually this will draw attention from candidates towards the company, also the message from your side will be communicated to the candidates quickly.


Quite simply, the methodology that the marketing people use to attract new customers for your company can also be used to successfully recruit the workers you need to get the job done.

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