Recognition motivates employees on their achievements and it is like oiling the cog for a greater organizational performance. Growth, achievement, recognition area interrelated terminologies in the career transition path of every employee and organization. Exenta HRMS manages Career Transition, in an easy, process oriented and transparent way.

career transition management

Career transition is transformation of every employee in an organization; Exenta HRMS handles every process of career transition sensitively, completely transparent supported with all back papers found in the system. The transition could be a promotion or a salary increment or change in contractual obligation or elevation of a trainee or transfers within the organization; every rule on transition is a configurable workflow. Some transition may be quick or some transitions could be applied on a bulk of employees; Exenta HRMS has solutions for every organizational private policy.

Personalized Career Plan

Prioritize employees personalized career growth option with Exenta HRMS which offers tremendous organizational growth potential. Exenta HRMS manages personalized Career Plan effectively when it is included within the corporate career policy.

Coaching and Mentoring

The right candidate under the right mentor can bring a paradigm shift in the organizational performance. Exenta HRMS manages internal transfers and the approvals transparently and effectively.

Restructuring the Reporting Workflow

With a merger or acquisition or in tune with the corporate policy change, the system may warrant a change in employee’s reporting hierarchy. If this happened to be a bulk restructuring, Exenta HRMS can do this reporting restructuring in a single click.

Monitoring Transition Status

When levels of approval are required for career transition, Exenta HRMS can show the status of the transition and escalate if needed for the smooth flow of the process. The system stores the history of transitions and service history of all employees.

Key Features

Offers a wide range of internal changes such as job rotation, location shift, deputation, etc. and effectively manages all transitions occurring within the organization. Role chnge of an employee can be managed effectively. Easy to manage declaration of probations, job confirmations, contract extensions, internal or branch transfers, etc. specific to an organization.
Conveniently manages and documents all nature of career transitions and easy retrieval of transition history