Essential data and background information on the organization need not be sought after from some authorities; every detail is available to the employee upon logging into Exenta HRMS. Certain certificates or authorization letters may be needed by the employee as part of social requirement or the onboarding employee may need to provide certain personal details and official documents; there is no need to mess-up with papers or knock doors for help, the employee themselves can provide or request information online, absolutely through paperless process.

employee self services

Self service is innovative and invincible feature in almost all online services and Exenta HRMS is no exception. If some employee does not know who to ask for some details about the organization or some authorization letter similar to an address proof, Employee Self Service is a handy solution.

Knowing Job Responsibility

When unsure about the job responsibility, there is a page in Employee Self Service to remind an employee to know what they are supposed to perform.

Organization and the People Around

Onboarding candidates will have a lot of questions on the organization, the organizational structure, who’s who in the organization, the corporate policies, the do’s and don’ts within the organization; there organization can upload documents, charts, directory and handbooks to answer to all the unasked questions.

Requesting a Letter and Finding It

Employees may need authorization letter on their address proof; when they need it for official purpose, and it can be requested through the employee self service; any such letters or documents issued by the organization can always be downloaded from the repository.

Know Useful Links Related to the Organization

Most organizations will have approved vendors, or approved collaborators; all those details on approved vendors and collaborators can be found in the useful links.

Key Features

Managing exit settlements and gratuity is part of the payroll system. The system uses comprehensive rule based pay calculation and it is ideal for organizations having multi country operations. Unlimited pay components are completely configurable to meet custom pay setup meeting the need of organizations.
Period of pay calculation is configurable allowing complete flexibility to meet the variable nature of employees in the organization. Bulk upload of salary components is possible, which will log inconsistent records for manual processing. Cumulative salary reports and Income Tax forms can be generated and mailed to respective employees automatically