Retirement, resignations and retrenchment are inevitable in the organic evolution of an organization. However, a good HR policy can keep staff turnover and attrition under control. Leaving employees can provide valuable inputs to formulate an excellent HR policy. Further, proper off-boarding process validates that the employee benefits are awarded and the intellectual properties of the organization is protected. Exenta HRMS monitors the entire exit process through managed checklists, collecting metrics through exit questionnaires and scheduled exit interviews.

exit management

From separation request of an employee to final settlement and issuing relieving letter, the full lifecycle of exit management is completely automated and configurable to meet the needs of HR policy. This module is applicable to all kind of separation including, superannuation, terminating absconding employees or termination due to legal issues and retrenchment on policy decision or redundancy; Exenta HRMS handles all kinds of separations with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. The system automatically request authorization wherever No Due Clearances (NDC) are needed and sends automated mails to departments and candidate for verification. Tracking the lifecycle of a separation request is free from anxiety while using Exenta HRMS.

Notice Period and Waivers

Available leaves can be adjusted within the notice period and applicable waivers can be granted before the employee is given the final settlement, with the help of the organizational flexibility configured within Exenta HRMS.

Handling Redundancy and Retrenchment

Whenever cost cutting policies are initiated by the top management, departmental managers can identify redundancy across departments and retrenchment process can be initiated by Exenta HRMS. Manual authorizations can be provided to increase the flexibility of the deployed system.

Final Settlements and Clearances

On acquisition of required inputs related to attrition control metrics, and clearances from various departments the final settlement process is initiated. Adhering to the off-boarding checklist, the organizational properties including intellectual properties are recovered, before sending the automated relieving order by mail.

Managing Attrition

Controlling staff turnover and strengthening HR policies is one of the key objectives of the Exit Management module of Exenta HRMS. Strong analytic reveals the attrition pattern happening in the organization, which may be caused due to global or national economic and political instability and helps HR department device policies to control attrition.

Key Features

Exit process can be configured to synchronize with the organization policies and processes. Separation request is as easy as self service and all the process right from separation request to issuing relieving order is completely online. Manual separation is also possible with necessary approvals, whenever the system configured process need to be bypassed.
All letters and formats are template based to avoid human errors and quickening the process. Dashboard provides easy view of separation stages and attrition rate and pattern. Well processed and well designed useful reports can be used for corporate decision making