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Managing Your Compensatory Off in Exenta HRMS

Managing your Compensatory off in Exenta

Compensatory off in Exenta is completely automated, based on your organizations policy the comp off could be only for weekends and Public Holidays or for the extra time you work in the office, please read the policies of your organization to check if the system is capturing your compensatory off correctly.

Your extra working hours / working days would be automatically picked up by the system and would be accumulated in the system, the configuration allows accumulation from your Bio-metric attendance captured, your on Duty (OD), your work from home or from your Mobile attendance based on the policies of your Organization.

Accessing your Compensatory off in Exenta

In the Main menu please click on leave

And on the right-hand side you will see the comp off tab, please click on the tab.

If you have worked extra hours you can view your accumulated hours in the Comp-off request tab, what ever hours you have worked extra based on the Policies of your Organization. You

You would now be able to see the send OT request, if you see this link in the Action filed then your Organization has a Policy if getting the time approved to be converted as a compensatory off leave (Comp off). When you click on the send OT Request you can send in a approval request to your approver as shown below

In the coloumn below please put in the reason for your extra hours/days working and please hit the Submit button the system would send it for approval

Once your approver approves your overtime request, you will get an email Notification and you will see the approved Notification in your comp-off tab. Your

Your comp-off leave will be automatically credited with leaves once this process is complete where you can track In your leave Page.

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