Exenta HRMS Recruitment Management is a comprehensive web-based module which helps to enhance the hiring process by making it Transparent, Paperless and Process oriented by systematically organizing the entire recruitment processes.

The Recruitment Management of Exenta HRMS module facilitates faster, unbiased, accurate and reliable processing of applications. Exenta HRMS facilitates in the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment.

The Process begins with the Job Application requests posted by the department heads or the appropriate personal which then goes through an approval process for Budgets and positions based on the workflow for approvals.

hiring management

Exenta HRMS has a job portal where candidates can post their resume, the Parser in the HRMS converts the word/PDF when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of application from which new employees are selected. With just a click, Candidates, Recruiters and Managers all involved in the recruitment process gain real time visibility, and can take action on any critical step from source to hire.

Interview Management

Managing an interview on-the-fly is a chaos.  Interview management is made easy with Exenta HRMS, by constituting a team or a panel of interviewers, and planning a test or interview schedule with multiple levels of interviews. Right from communicating the interviewee by mail, the system communicates the schedule internally and popup reminders to test organizers or interviewer in advance, to make the job easier with increased effectiveness.

Offer Letter Issuance

The process informs the system once the candidate is finalized after all the rounds of interview are completed and the decision maker has approved the selection, information alerts are sent to the appropriate departments and the HR department to issue the offer letter. The offer letters can be selected from the templates and are issued through paperless mode.

Job Portal

Higher the visibility, better the inputs; Exenta HRMS does the controlled integration of job requirement with job portals and carrier page of the organization website. The authorized personal can enable and disable the visibility upon any arising vacancy or successful completion of the recruitment cycle.

Recruitment Dashboards

Dashboards are integrated wherever data are represented effectively through infographics than a report, with Exenta HRMS, the management can know stages of the recruitment while managing jobs or open positions or while processing offer letters or managing recruitment agencies.

Resume Bank & Parsing

Whatever the format the resume of the job applicant is, Exenta HRMS has an intelligent parser to convert the resumes into a common format for the organization and classify the information in a convenient readable form. The parser functions effectively on bulk resume exports and continues to build a resume bank or in fact a resume data warehouse. 

Key Features

From the arising of a job requirement and up to the issuing of the offer letter, all the processes in the recruitment are integrated within the system and automatic by configurable rules. Transparent inclusion of candidates, recruiters (internal or external agency) and managers in the recruitment of a job requirement are done effectively. Wealth of reports on the recruitment cycle is generated that gives sufficient analysis for strategic decision support.
A quick hiring process is included to eliminate the entire recruitment cycle to handle any emergency situation. Facility to manage and absorb talent pool through referral system by current employees is also included as feature. Effective alert can be configured so as to increase efficiency and reduce human shortcomings.