The HR department need not issue circulars and notifications; instead HR department can be post them in the electronic notice board, where the employee can see them as soon as the employee logs into the corporate portal and access personalized memos from ESS (Employee Self Service).

hr utility

Access to General Information across the Organization

Stop using papers to circulate circulars and information booklets to employees; instead use e-notice board. As most of the general information and circulars are to be accessed across organization, the HR depart may use this utility to pass information to everyone in the organization.

Quality Procedures and Documents

Be it ISO procedure and forms or BS standard for the organization, the documents can be uploaded so as the employees get acquainted with the systems and procedures that needed to be carried out while executing their job responsibilities.

Online Memos and Disciplinary Action

Send an appreciation or a warning memo, or take disciplinary action against an employee or address a grievance remediation through the HR utility.

Surveys and Polls

The organization can offer some fun to its employees through surveys and polls. If the organization recognizes rumors or grapevines, the HR department can control them through surveys and polls.

Quick Announcements

Make quick announcements, birthday and work anniversaries wishes by clicks and templates.

Key Features

Broadcast online announcements across the organization on few clicks. Make important work procedures and formats always available online for quick reference. Perceive the employees psychology through polls and surveys.
Manage ad hoc tasks easy and stress free.