Managing the attendance and leave of a large workforce dispersed geographically is a herculean task using traditional practices for a modern HR team. Exenta HRMS offers a very comprehensive module to manage workforce for modern human capital management. The organization may use any electronic attendance system, it could be biometric (contact or non-invasive), or it could be RFID, or it could be web based attendance system, or could be a mobile application on the cloud the data can be configured and integrated with the Exenta HRMS for all timesheet calculations. Exenta HRMS Attendance & Leave Management is inclusive of exhaustive features demanded by every HR.

leave attendance

Salary or wage preparation completely depends on the timesheet calculation; therefore, the accuracy is critical for every organization. Leave policies vary with organizations and have statutory obligation with the state laws; every leave rule is customizable to the requirement.

Exenta HRMS Timesheet Integration

Modern workforce work within the office on fixed hours on shifts, field staff work at different sites outside the office and there are workforces that work on flexible time and timesheets are consolidated on daily or weekly or monthly basis for productive hour calculation. Exenta HRMS is flexible and uses any or all method of timesheet evaluation.

Managing Permissions & Leave

The employees can apply for leave and permissions in line with the rules configured within the system with room for manual intervention whenever the system needs a human attention with approval and authorization at different levels.

Holidays and Organizational Calendar

The organization can plan the annual holidays and set it in the organization calendar. This calendar can be made applicable to a branch; different branches can have different calendars to be attuned to the local cultural holidays of its geography.

Missed Time Punch Management

To err is human but system adhere strictly to rules, hence there is a necessity to override system based human made rules. Exenta HRMS allows missed punch management with authorization upon request by the user.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Recent changes in the legalization globally with inputs from ILO on family and child welfare offers maternity and paternity leave for all the employees. Exenta HRMS has integrated maternity and paternity leave; requesting a maternity or paternity leave is easy and managing it is made simple.facilisis ante commodo egeivamus lacerae.

Overtime and Leave Encashment

Encashment of leave and cashing overtime are financial burden for an organization, if not managed properly. Exenta HRMS offers a defined system through which prior permissions and approvals are authorized for overtime and encashing unclaimed leave.

Key Features

Automated data capturing and processing of employee’s productive hours from arrival to departure with intermittent breaks, lunch, etc. Working time and leave schedules are completely workflow based with numerous options to define approval at various levels and stages. Number comprehensive of reports are available to analyze the attendance trends through which the departments can manage workforce effectively.
Consolidated monthly attendance details of employees are generated for effective payroll integration. Accumulation and expiry of leaves are determined automatically with the leave types, its specifications depending on employee’s designation and duration of service. Offers options to handle exceptions manually whenever and wherever required, with comprehensive reporting and data management.