The manager needs the vitals of their team members handy, to have a larger control over the team and achieve the departmental KRA. Understanding the team members as individuals and unified workforce is critical for a manager, as they have to handle diversified qualities and build effective relationship between the members, amalgamating team integrity and resolve conflicts, if any arise within the team members.

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Building Performing Teams

An effective team can be built only if the manager understands the individual better. With Exenta HRMS, the manager can understand the team members as an individual, as a team performer, their personal achievements, and their personal goals; with this information, the manager can build a performing team to accommodate the organizational goals.

Understanding the Attendance Pattern

The attendance pattern reveals moral boost or integrity breakdown, which in turn reveals a strong team or a weak team, helping the manager take adequate measures to bind team or when to look for a new team member.

Building Sub Groups

The manager can build a sub group to perform under the team when they could understand the personality, ability and career plan of team members.

Key Features

Quickly align and realign team members when mission critical projects are in progress. Manager can nominate right candidates for training avoiding duplication or redundant training.
The manger can boost up morale by viewing t
The manger can boost up morale by viewing the requests and grievances lodged by the employees.
Timely advises to employees to mitigate departmental or organizational disciplinary actions.