Whenever a new employee joins in organization the first impression will make an everlasting impression. Exenta HRMS Onboarding offers a new ambience and new experience to newly hired with the easy workflow helps them to get acquainted with process and the working environment of the organization. The workflow of Exenta HRMS Onboarding is configurable and complete  which ensures the optimum performance of the new employees, satisfying both organizational and individual expectation. 

Exenta HRMS Onboarding facilitates the HR Department in planning the pre-preparation necessary to give a warm welcome to new employees.

onboarding management

Exenta HRMS Onboarding ensures a complete paperless office to comply with the future. Onboarding workflow is totally configurable to meet the dynamic process changes evolving with the change in the dynamics of the any growing organization. Once an employee is hired, a sequence of activities are initiated by the HR Department that would need minimum formalities, like issuing Appointment Order or awarding a Contract Agreement or Trainee Letter, allocating work space at the department of work, supplying necessary tools and accessories including stationery, preparing a schedule for inducting into the organization or orientation across various interdepartmental functions, and finally see that the employee is given the best opportunity to express the skills needed for the organizational operations and development. Exenta HRMS Onboarding does it seamlessly by email alerts to relevant departments to reduce any cost due to the delay in passing information. The HR Department and extract several reports that are needed for reviewing and evaluating the stages at which the new employees are. Exenta HRMS Onboarding eliminates anxiety to the HR Department whenever a new employee boards the organization and helps them keep a lasting relationship by system automation.

Welcome Pages

The welcome page self introduces the organization, its policies, the team, the job description etc., also requests the mandatory information and documents needed by Exenta HRMS, that are to be digitally signed and submitted, enabling a complete paperless office.

Automated Joining Letters

Whenever a new employee joins the organization, a few mandatory formal paperwork need to be performed, Exenta HRMS, does it automated and paperless. May it be the joining letter or a contract or a NDA, all paperwork are composed using template-based system, converting the office into paperless mode, by authorizing it and signing them digitally.

Reports and Analytics

Number of built-in reports can be extracted with Exenta HRMS Onboarding which aids the management during any critical or strategic decision making. Most reports are designed with inputs from HR managers who had years on analytics and decision making.

Migrating Existing Employees

On a fresh implementation of Exenta HRMS or on bulk recruitment, the drudgery of data entry is replaced with bulk update facility through which migration or onboarding is made easy with few clicks of a mouse. While bulk onboarding, a data integrity check is also undertaken by the system, and logs any error or data integrity violation to ensure the system workflow is not hampered by data inconsistency during the bulk import.

Key Features

Ensures paperless office managed through template driven document system for most of the formal and statutory communication needs. A checklist of pre-process and post-process of onboarding is automated so that everyone in the organization is aware of any onboarding of a fresh hire and all the teams are prepared to welcome the new employee. The onboarding process includes the induction program which is totally automated, scheduled and monitored.
The background verification is done with configurable process which includes online report submission and customizable payment schedule for the agency. Reports and dashboards extend a dynamic decision support to the management.