Performance management is an essential function of HR which includes both performance appraisal of the individual and employee development, simultaneously. Though, most of the time this area is blamed to be filled with subjective choices, Exenta HRMS approaches performance management objectively and quantitatively. The module offers the HR manager as well as the strategic management the comprehensive picture of how the talents are distributed in the organization.


Achieving 360 Degree Review Process

Organizational KRA (Key Result Area) are mapped departments and in turn mapped to KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of individuals which helps in accessing the performance of individuals with respect to team performance in achieving organizational business objectives. Exenta HRMS has a 360 degree feedback mechanism which enables HR a full cycle workforce review of the entire department / organization.

Rewards and Recognition Management

On time recognition builds the history of performance; awards and rewards are part of HR program. Exenta HRMS has the sub module in which awards are nominated and approved or even a poll can be conducted to nominate an employee for award. The rewards and recognition history is also maintained for reference.

Competency/Goals/KRA Management

The core business structure of the organization is built up on the competencies of the employees. Exenta HRMS offers features to map competencies of employees and design their career goals which in turn are synchronized with the KRA of the organization.

Performance Cycle Management

Performance evaluation is a continuous process, in Exenta HRMS, the periodicity can be set for each job description and following the cycle automated questionnaire are sent and performance metrics are collected.

Normalization and e-Compensation Management

Normalization in Exenta HRMS is used to offset or eliminate any appraisal measures that contain personally biased inputs. This helps in a fair judgment on employee performance and helps in determining impartial family welfare package with an inclusive career growth plan for individuals in the organization.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

The HR department offers Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to the employee whenever a consistent performance drop is observed during appraisal cycles. Exenta HRMS has an automated workflow to initiate, plan, assign and review PIP by customized levels of authorities before reevaluating and reassigning fresh assignments to the employee.

Key Features

Customized and automated full cycle performance and performance appraisal system, featuring polls and questionnaires. Personalized goal setting which can be tracked by the managers through the performance cycle. Organizational KPAs are mapped to each department and KPI of employees.
Flexible review mechanism is incorporated to avoid stagnation of appraisal process. Managers have the facility to provide the right career opportunity to the team members and retain the workforce and core strength of the organization. Facility to create and periodically update the question bank for appraisals and KRA and aids the HR department to customize the appraisal questionnaires.