Staff Information is crucial for most of the strategic decision while managing Human Capital, in this Information Era. Record keeping and retrieval in the book-keeping era was occupying space, bulky and tedious, and now in this information era, all information is on the finger tips only a few clicks away from mouse. With legacy computerization, it is still possible that duplication of data leading to retrieval of obsolete data or information. Exenta HRMS Staff Information System pulls out employee information at any given time. This information may pertain to personal information of the employee or the skill set and professional experience or family details or sometimes information of a past employee needed for a background check; every detailed information and reports are already available in the system.

staff information system

Exenta HRMS Staff Information System is a versatile that has several built-in reports that can be extracted for any particular employee or bulk reports to satisfy any search criteria. The manager may be in need of any information of their team members that may be needed for a decision making, may it be a promotion or a training need, the information available on a click. The data for the information are from different sources, information provided by the member, information from the HR department, information from the manager; all information gets collated into reports for various necessities. Job Details Report, Education Report, Bank Details Report, Personal Details Report, Service Record Report, Confirmation Report, Emergency Contact Report, Dependant Details Report, etc. are a few useful reports that may be needed by HR function or the Reporting Manager from time to time. When employees need to go abroad on an official trip, the passport and visa details too can be stored and retrieved from Exenta HRMS Staff Information System. In sort, every transaction of each employee is captured in the system and Exenta HRMS Staff Information System servers as a useful Human Capital Management Information System (HC-MIS).

Among many data, employee data is crucial for the HRMS system, Exenta HRMS stores and retrieves data in a secured and integrated schema. All information in the system is integrated from various input sources of the system and avoids duplication, and the data can be deployed in the cloud for organizations having operations in multi-geographical locations and hence retrieval through any deployed devices is available and easy.

Data Access

The data access is controlled by roles and permissions controlled by the super administrator allowing security and accountability for every user accessing the system. Multilayered security is established at the time of implementation after well scrutinized system audit.

Data Gathering

The data are accessed from various sources, data provided by the employee, data processed by HR department, data acquired from integrated external system and inputs from line managers of the employee. All the gathered data are processed with powerful analytics tools to provide extremely useful reports.

Data Retrieval

Data can be accessed only through closed and secured system accessibility, allowed only through the configured roles and permissions, with no allowance for system breaches, giving a great advantage over traditional or legacy systems.

Migrating Older Data

For all HR and Administration team maintaining the old paper documents are a challenge. Challenge becomes real when there is an issue with litigation and at times when it is imperative that organizations has to come up with data. In the case of huge legacy data that needs to be digitized i-manager can help organizations by scanning and creating an inactive employee list and adding these documents across each record ensuring data security.

Key Features

A dashboard to view profile completion status of all employees, with a snapshot view, and facility to send email reminders when profiles are found incomplete. All the personal information are stored and retrieved for each employee, maintaining the confidentiality. Information on Insurance Plans or statutory Forms needed for any employee can be accessed and downloaded in standard document formats.
Access your personal data anytime anywhere. The system has the ability to restore the history of past employee, including history of previous employment and service history at the organization before leaving. Permitted personal information can be accessed anywhere anytime by the employee