Knowledge is essential part of any transformational organization; managing updated knowledge to the teams is integral part of HR department in achieving organizational development objectives. Exenta HRMS offers a complete and total solution and empowers the organization and HR department.

Exenta HRMS Training Management module is designed to optimize training with all elements of training integrated in to the system right from identification of a training need to evaluate the performance after training. Appraisal identifies the need for training and with those inputs a training calendar is developed by the HR department with monthly breakup schedules. The HR department can hire external agencies and provide additional Exenta Login to upload sharable training materials. When the manager nominates team members for training, the employee gets automated email notification and they can also training history of the team members. The manager can track the training evaluation and feedback for every team and team members.

training management

Managing the Organizational Knowledge: The Training Lifecycle

Training is an essential part of the HR Department. Knowledge is growing every moment and the right knowledge on the quality procedures and right usage of tools improves the performance of the employees drastically. The team managers have the critical role in deciding the training needs of their team to channelize performance optimization of the department to synchronize with the organizational growth dynamics. Exenta HRMS Training Management does this easily and effortlessly. Exenta HRMS Training Management module has a 360 degree view of planning trainings, evaluation of trainings, review mechanism of the training, feedback of the trainer and trainee, etc. When the HR Department plans any training the training calendar is visible to all managers and they can nominate any team member, then Exenta HRMS Training Management that take over the process through the entire lifecycle of the training.

Training Dashboard

HRMS Training Management offers a team dashboard option where the manager can see the team members and the history of trainings provided and hours spent on training for the team members. This facilitates the manager in planning the departmental training needs and proposing training suggestions which may be added in newer training cycles.

Training Calendar and Budgets

The overall training budget requirement can be accessed and planned through the training calendar with training suggestions from line department managers after appraisal feedbacks. The training calendar offers the organization to view the budget and cost incurred on knowledge management.

Mandatory Training Hours

Knowledge empowerment is achieved through mandatory training hours and it is an exclusive function of the human resource management. Non-technical and essential managerial skills are elicited to the workforce and potential managers through mandatory trainings. Exenta HRMS integrates mandatory training into training calendar.

Customizable Training Forms and Email Notification

Every training have different evaluation form based on the nature of the training; the HR can design separate online training evaluation forms where the candidates can submit their evaluations. Similarly, the HR can also draft email templates to maintain consistency and clarity of communications regarding trainings.

Key Features