Onboarding new employees made smooth using automated process of Exenta HRMS


Exenta HRMS Onboarding offers a new ambience and new experience to new hires with the easy workflow, and helps them to get acquainted with the process and working environment of the organization. The workflow of Exenta HRMS Onboarding  ensures optimum performance, satisfying both organizational and individual expectation. 

Exenta HRMS Onboarding ensures a complete paperless office, and is totally configurable to meet the dynamic process changes evolving with the change in the dynamics of any growing organization. Once an employee is hired, a sequence of activities are initiated by the HR Department that would need some formalities, to finally see that the employee is given the best opportunity to express the skills needed for the organizational operations and development. Exenta HRMS Onboarding does it seamlessly by email alerts to relevant departments to reduce any cost due to the delay in passing information and eliminates anxiety to the HR Department whenever a new employee boards the organization and helps them keep a lasting relationship by system automation.


Key Features

Welcome page for New employee

Create Welcome pages for your new employees, where you can have welcome messages for them, also their teams would be introduced to them and also the NDA acceptance , background verification forms, and any other information you deem important to be collected from the employee on his joining can beconfigured

Checklist Management

Build responsibility checklist to manage new joiners right from issuance of ID Cards to issuing of office assets and Induction Programs, Exenta allows you to Notify responsible people and also get a feedback on the progress creating a smooth process of onboarding

Automated Letters

All letters issued to the employees are automated, the system allows you to send a automated email with the PDF of the letters with a signature to the employee or it also allows you to download and print and be given to the employee

Induction Program

Set up an online Induction Program or offline program ,build program details and also manager induction Managers and also auto manage the attendance of the Induction Trainees, set dates for Induction and assign all new joiners automatically

Contract & Trainee Management

Manage your contract employees and trainees with ease , have different configurations, automated notification about contract expiry dates and issuance of contract letters. Upgradation of trainees or auto exiting them and all their letters are automated.

Background Verification

Automated Background verification sends emails to the people filled in the background verification sheet by the employee and requests the verifier to validate the data given by the employee and auto verifies the data saves time for the HR team, auto reminders make the program very effective