Help Desk

An internal help desk that can register, track and escalate grievances both automatically and manually


Whenever an employee has any interdepartmental or intradepartmental issue, a grievance, a request for additional stationary or loss of access card, help desk tickets can be issued to the respective department for a resolution. As the system is designed with escalation procedure, issues are resolved quickly.


Exenta HRMS offers an effective configurable Help Desk to resolve interdepartmental and intradepartmental conflicts and need for assistance. The organization can configure the departments or cross-functions, category of the support to be resolved, and set the priority. The employee can provide the statement of the issue with the support of images or documents. The organization can also set the escalation process and SLA for the tickets.


Key Features

Build Categories

The system allows you to build your own categories , like IT help desk or Payroll help desk , hr desk, based on the practices you have, the system allows you to also fix responsibility of handling categories, one or more people can be assigned to each category to manage it.

Ticket Automation

From raising tickets to automatically getting assigned to the right teams, getting reassigned if you cannot handle the ticket, auto escalation and reopening of a ticket is completely managed and automated

Escalation Management

Build escalation Matrix for all your categories with a time bound level of escalation, set escalation Managers who would be Notified by email and also through alerts in the home page about ticket escalations and they would have access to Manage them