My Team

A bird’s eye view of your teams’ attendance, service records and leave history helps you take strategic decisions



The manager needs the vitals of his/her team members handy, to have a larger control over the team and achieve departmental KRA. Understanding the team members as individuals and unified workforce is critical for a manager, as they have to handle diversified qualities and build effective relationship between the members, amalgamating team integrity and resolve conflicts, if any arising within the team members.


An effective team can be built only if the manager understands the individual better. With Exenta HRMS, the manager can understand the team members as an individual, as a team performer, their personal achievements, and their personal goals; with this information, the manager can build a performing team to accommodate the organizational goals.



Key Features

Team Attendance

Managers get access to the attendance of their team, their timesheets and in real time can view who is currently available inside the office and can also review total working time of employees, their early leaving and late comings and understand employee Productivity.

Leave Review

Managers get access to the entire leave data of the employees, their leave patterns, their planned leaves , and their LOP, this helps managers plan the work ahead for projects and for manufacturing units by having alternates planned early

Issue Memos

Managers have the option of issuing good memos when an employee performs good and bad memos when the employee performs bad and has to be issued a warning, the system also allows the employees to Justify and close the Memo if it’s a bad one

Disciplinary Action

Managers have the option to initiate a disciplinary action against their team members, and also keep track of all the organization Disciplinary action against their team members and also view the outcome of the Disciplinary action taken from his Dashboard

Employee Personal Data

Managers have the option of accessing the personal data of their team mates defined by the Organization at any point of time, basic data and emergency connect data with their education and previous work experience are made available to Managers through My team Dashboards

Training Data

Managers have the option of viewing all the trainings taken by the employee during his tenure at the Organization and when it comes to mandatory trainings managers have detailed access to the number of hours his team members have completed which helps him to review and make employees complete the stipulated training hours