HR Analytics

Exenta has a wide range of reports available for each module, and this is improved periodically to include better analytics



HR analytics provides data-backed insight on what is working well and what is not so that organizations can make improvements and plan more effectively for the future. Exenta HRMS helps to analyze past data on turnover to identify trends and patterns indicating why employees quit. It also helps to compare data on employee behavior, such as productivity and engagement, to better understand the status of current employee, and develop strategies to make decisions that will improve the work environment and engagement levels.

Organizations are seeking candidates that not only have the right skills, but also the right attributes that match with the organization’s work culture and performance needs. Exenta HRMS enables fast, automated collection of candidate data from multiple sources. It also helps to identify candidates with attributes that are comparable to the top-performing employees in the organization.



Key Features

Module Wise reports

Every Module in the system has Dashboards and Analytics which can be used to understand the performance of the aligned functions , the general dashboards give a general indication of the Organization and modules specifically to the functions

Drill Down Graphs

The System allows you to drill down to the lowest level to analyze the performance be it your attrition rate to department performance of the functions the system gives you clear Indication of the same.


The system gives you comparisons of previous years data and gives us indicators of how the organization is performing this year and also about department / functional units based performance cab be analyzed helping HR Managers have valuable information for decision making