Travel Management

A complete travel solution that can track tickets, visas, bookings and travel expense management and refunds automated.



Planning travels, managing travel budget, managing on duty travels, are simplified with Exenta HRMS. All the processes involved in travel including travel approvals submitting travel expenses are available as automated system in Exenta HRMS. Every travel document can be scanned and uploaded eliminating any kind of paperwork.


Some employees, as part of business expansion or conference or trade fairs or host of other business needs, travel away from their office location, may be long or short or may be domestic or international. Some may exhaust the travel budget quickly and a few never incurred a travel. If overall information is available on the desktop through infographics, realigning the corporate travel policy would be easy. Exenta HRMS Travel Management provides the most satisfactory travel solution to the organizations.



Key Features

Travel Policy Management

The system has the capability to Manage your Travel Policies and allowances based on grade cities, it also restricts employees to spend beyond the limit and notifies employees of the allowances they are entitled to.

Travel Card Management

Manage all your travel cards with ease, issue cards, receive cards, maintain their balances in the system and also manager expiry of these travel cards in the system

Expense Management

Travel Expense Management is automated and managed in the system, once a travel is initiated the system allows you to post your expenses and bills on a daily basis or allows you to post after your travel and settle your accounts