Social Feeds

Social Feeds helps to engage with your employees and also plan and execute events



Social feeds engage and mobilize employees of your workplace and help the HR teams of your organizations to make it a part of their team’s employment engagement strategy. Similarly, by giving employees the freedom to post about their work, and what they feel about the organization, employers get a huge base of user-generated social content that reflects well on your brand. This is a form of engagement that is completely voluntary and can easily be used by organizations to further their goals or motivating employees inside, and giving employees a great way to engage with organizational goals.

The system allows employees to post videos, pictures and comment on them. Also the system allows managers to create groups, and the employees can create groups or join groups as well. The system has a strong event management feature where any event in the organization can be posted, and details about the event can be shared. and participants in the event can join the group and invitations for participants also can be send. The system also allows private messages and group messages for all the group employees and employees of the organization.



Key Features

Group Management

The System allows you to add any number of groups based on Project of any grouping inside the Organization, these groups have separate pages and have a group communication option and feed as well on the group page.


The system has feeds which is all the messages posted and replied which would be coming on your feed with an alert on the home page as well so your employees get engaged and participate Socially

Event Management

The system allows you to plan events and announce them to the employees and invite participation, the event page also has the capability to hold event details and participant details of the events, participants can interact and send message on the event page.