Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning helps you to plan your annual or periodic work force plan along with Position Management plan



Exenta HRMS Workforce Planning module helps to analyse current capabilities and future needs of employees for your organization. It is a mission-critical process, aligning the expectations and forecasts of the organization with the capacity of new employees to achieve the corporate objectives. Managers are allowed to plan their workforce based on the Annual Forecast of the Organization, and they are allowed to plan on a monthly/quarterly/half yearly or on an annual basis. The system allows deeper planning of the resources capability to the extent of years of experience, and also adds up the exit employees and transfer to the resource Planning.

Once planning is done and submitted, it is automatically taken to the approval workflows for allocation of budget and approval of the same. Once approved on a pre-set date, the system auto creates new hiring requests by capturing the job details which is preloaded in the system and sends it for the final approval automatically. Managers have the option of editing the plan in between and sending the revised plans for approval based on the business environment at any given time.



Key Features

Period wise planning capability

The System allows you to do a Annual work force plan which can be broken down into Half yearly or Quarterly, or it allows you to do only a quarterly plan or a half yearly plan and is flexible enough to even allow a monthly workfare plan

Open Position Management

If you have a well defined Position Management plan then the system has the capability of identifying all open positions and reporting to the managers of the open positions lying vacant and the period its lying vacant for and system will not allow any requests unless there is a deviation if there are no open positions

Automated Recruitment Requests

The system has the capability of automatically sending recruitment requests based on the planning done, the system picks up the data needed from the Job description page and sends it for the necessary approvals based on the workforce plans done