Workforce Management

Easy access to get all employee data and view service record of all employees



Workforce management is crucial for most of the strategic decision while managing Human Capital, in this information Era. Exenta HRMS Workforce Management System pulls out employee information at any given time. This information may pertain to personal information of the employee or the skill set and professional experience or family details or sometimes information of a past employee needed for a background check.

Exenta HRMS Workforce Management System is a versatile module that has several built-in reports that can be extracted for any particular employee or even bulk reports to satisfy any search criteria. Job Details Report, Education Report, Bank Details Report, Personal Details Report, Service Record Report, Confirmation Report, Emergency Contact Report, Dependant Details Report, etc. are a few useful reports that are made available. All information in the system is integrated from various input sources of the system and avoids duplication, and the data can be deployed in the cloud for organizations having operations in multi-geographical locations and hence retrieval through any deployed devices is available and easy.



Key Features

Active & Inactive employee

.All data and documents pertaining to the active employees right from personal data, to their Organizational data , their Documents, bank information is maintained and managed here, also data of inactive employees who have left the organization is maintained with their exit dates, settlement, and basic information,

Service Records

Automated Service Records of the employee in the Organization right from the day he Joined to every Movement inside the Organization, Performance, Increments, Memos, Disciplinary Action all is maintained with the Service Record of the employee and is available in Downloadable Format.

Passport & Visa Management

Every Employee Passport and Visa is maintained and managed in the system . Expiry dates of both Passport and Visa, are maintained and Alert to Managers and Employees 15 days before the Expiry via email and through the Mobile Application is done by the system,

Insurance Managemen

Maintain employee insurance details provided by the organization, maintain copies of the Policies and the expiry date of the Policies, the system sends alerts to the managers 15 days before the expiry of the Policy and also gives access to the employees to view his Policy or download a copy when they have a necessity

Department Management

Manage all your departments, maintain history of department heads, manage department events, Notify all the department happenings and news of departments to the employees through this page

Reporting Management

The employees current reporting Manager data is maintained in the system with the history of all reporting managers and the period the employee has working under and also a report of the reporting manager with the people reporting under him is also maintained in the system