Transport Management

Manage your transport and maintain Vehicle records and Trip Management with ease




Exenta HRMS helps your organization manage your office transportation with ease. Build any number of trips and also build routes and if these trips are chargeable, then build the cost of these trips also in the software. Employees are allowed to take single trip if there is vacancy in the allocated seats, and the system also manages the entire history of the vehicle right from the purchase documents, to maintenance details and accident and service details of the vehicle. The system also maintains the records of all the drivers in the organization and also the history of the drivers through their service period. It can also relate to the performance of the vehicle and fuel management of the vehicle they are driving, including the fuel consumption of the vehicle being managed through the system giving valuable inputs to managers. 

Non regular trips can be requested through the system with the purpose and then there is an approval process, after which there is a vehicle allocated for the trip by the travel managers based on availability of the vehicles. Managers can access the history of all the trips, people travelled in these trips and the driver of the trip to the entire history of the driver, trips completed, vehicle history from the history page and can also view it through the search option available with downloadable reports to have a detailed analysis




Key Features

Trip Management

The System allows to build any trips and the route and the stopping where employees can pick up the vehicle, also manage cost of the trip and also allow free trips, the system also allows adhoc trips for smaller distances apart from the routine daily trips

Vehicle Management

Manage all vehicle documents, vehicle trip sheets, vehicle insurances and service records in the system, the system also maintains accident history of the vehicle and cost of services, fuel consumption and also the accident cost and total distance done during a period

Driver Management

Maintain details of drivers, their licenses and their history, like accidents, and also relate the vehicle to the drivers to understand the performance of the drivers