Performance Management

One of the best performance tools to design and evaluate your organization’s performance in 90, 180, 360 degree and Bell Curve tool




Performance management is an essential function of HR which includes both performance appraisal of the individual and employee development, simultaneously. Though, most of the time this area is blamed to be filled with subjective choices, Exenta HRMS approaches performance management objectively and quantitatively. The module offers the HR manager as well as the strategic management, a comprehensive picture of how the talents are distributed in the organization.

ACHIEVING 360 DEGREE REVIEW PROCESS: Organizational KRA (Key Result Area) are mapped departmentwise and in turn mapped to KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of individuals which helps in accessing the performance of individuals with respect to team performance in achieving organizational business objectives. Exenta HRMS has a 360 degree feedback mechanism which enables HR to have a full cycle workforce review of the entire department / organization.




Key Features

Continuous Feedback

The option of continuous feedback allows employees to request for feedback and collect all their good work and also allows managers to provide feedback on good work done by the employees which can be accumulated for the Annual performance management


Set up Key Result Areas for your employees ,Plan your cycle and reviews through configuration , have multiple reviews in a year, also it has the option of having key point indicators aligned to each KRA allowing managers to effectively track performance of employees

Appraisal (90°-360°)

Set up 90° , 180° or 360° based on what your organizations practices are, configure your review periods and appraisers, The system automatically creates the review periods and appraisers for you and in the 360° it automatically assigns peers and subordinates randomly to create a holistic experience of Appraisal

Goals & Objectives

The system allows you to set up Personal Goals or cascading goals, The system allows you to build goals at your levels contributing to the overall growth of your Organization, review of goals are done by appraisers configured by you and during the review periods configured by you, Rating of goals or Scoring can be managed at the configuration levels

Competency Management

The system allows you to build competency which you expect for each of your Job titles/Designations pertaining to your Organization, Managers can measure gaps of employees in review periods decided by you and can suggest trainings to improve competency of employees ,

Development Plan

The system allows you to build a development plan for your employees based on their annual performance report, Managers can build a annual plan with monthly or quarterly reviews with a plan for improvement and betterment for the next one year, reviews and planning trainings for employees can be part of the development plan.

Performance Improvement Plan

The system allows you to build Performance Improvement Programs, you can build a periodicity of your choice , Managers can assign employees to the performance improvement plan during probation reviews or during performance Management reviews, employees assigned to the performance improvement plan


The system has the option to normalize the scores/ ratings of employees given by Managers via Bell curve Normalization, Manager based Normalization and an Open Normalization. In the Bell curve the system follows multiple regression, and in the Manager Normalization, we follow averages and the Open Normalization allows direct edit access to the scores.

E-compensation/ Merit Management

the system allows you to build a compensation plan based on scoring by percentage of fixed values, it also allows you to do it independently, the system also has the capability to budget for each of the Managers and letting them distribute it for the team and it also rolls out the revision letters saving valuable time for the HR team