Configuration based payroll module connected to attendance and leave. Run it at the click of a button saving precious time



Ascertaining the compensation for the workforce, calculating various factors and components included in the pay scale, dealing with the statutory compliances and issuing the pay electronically consumes most of the time of the HR department, and it is a continual and repetitive process. Exenta HRMS simplifies this job using inputs from attendance module and approved overtime. Exenta HRMS Payroll completely eliminates month end drudgery on pay processing and makes it totally process oriented and error free. The payroll can be managed from corporate office of an organization for all its offices distributed geographically.

CONFIGURATION AND PROCESSING THE PAYROLL: Exenta HRMS Payroll is integrated with Exenta HRMS Attendance and Leave Module providing the convenience and comfort of automated monthly compensation calculation eliminating human error. The components of pay structure and formula can be defined based on grades or levels for each individual separately. The deductions to meet statutory compliance, adjusting advances and loans are also defined in the process, along with reimbursements of approved expenses, allowances and arrears. Exenta HRMS Payroll is made for global payroll processing and therefore payroll components are configurable to adopt regional rules.



Key Features

Global payroll

Manage multiple country payroll with a single instance , configure all your different country payrolls based on your country and manage a centralized payroll or localized payroll based on your workflows.

Statutory Management

Every country has different statutory requirements, manage all your global offices and its statutory requirements at a single instance , Exenta manages requirements of almost all the countries.

Income Tax management

Income tax for every country is different, the system manages different income taxes based on the country and provides appropriate forms for submission based on your configured country thus easing out the pain of managing multiple softwares

Variance Management

Automated Variance reports from payroll to payroll eliminating payroll mistakes which helps payroll managers to a great extent, the system automatically groups from 5% variance to the highest variance to eliminate any mistakes generated out of payroll inputs

Expense Management

Expense and Reimbursement management for non payroll related areas, local travelling allowances, or any kind of expense related to the organization can be managed from here, limits and approvals can be set using workflows.

Bank format generation

Every country and every bank has a different format for Payroll input , Automated CSV or Text file, or direct integration with the bank is available to ease out your manual work