Leave & Attendance

A robust module with five ways of marking employee attendance and gives complete transparency to employee Leave



Managing the attendance and leave of a large workforce dispersed geographically is a herculean task using traditional practices for a modern HR team. Exenta HRMS offers a very comprehensive module to manage workforce for modern human capital management. The organization may use any electronic attendance system, it could be biometric, or it could be RFID, or it could be web based attendance system, or could be a mobile application on the cloud , the data can be configured and integrated  with Exenta HRMS for all timesheet calculations. Exenta HRMS Attendance & Leave Management is inclusive of exhaustive features demanded by every HR. Salary or wage preparation completely depends on the timesheet calculation; therefore, the accuracy is critical for every organization. Leave policies vary with organizations and have statutory obligation with the state laws; every leave rule is customizable to the requirement.

EXENTA HRMS TIMESHEET INTEGRATION: Modern workforce work within the office on fixed hours, on shifts, field staff work at different sites outside the office and there are workforces that work on flexible time and timesheets are consolidated on daily or weekly or monthly basis for productive hour calculation. Exenta HRMS is flexible and uses any or all method of timesheet evaluation.



Key Features

Auto leave Accrual

Manage leave accrual through the system, carry forward leaves, exhaust leaves and send leaves automatically to encashment based on your organizational policy.

Work from Home

Track attendance of your employees using the work from home app, set tracking intervals and ensure your employees are working from home well and improve organizational productivity.


Manage daily shift change using rostering. Roster based on workflows, manage week offs and swapping of shifts through rostering.

Leave Approval Workflows

Create multiple workflows for your leave approvals, have escalation policies set up for non approvals and also provide multiple approval for HR teams for non approved leaves.

Time Sheets

Time sheet entry for employees based on projects or tasks, weekly time sheets and approval workflows for the time sheets as a attendance mode or for tracking work done by employees.

Auto Shift Rotation

Weekly or monthly auto shift rotation based on the policies followed and making it accurate with notification to the employees about their new shifts and eliminating the manual process.