HR utility

HR utility will help employees know about organization policy changes, Set up Survey Pols, Memos, Broadcast Message.



The HR department need not issue circulars and notifications; instead HR department can post them in the electronic notice board, where the employee can see them as soon as the employee logs into the corporate portal. They can access personalized memos from ESS (Employee Self Service).


HR utility helps in green environment by circulating circulars and information booklets to employees using e-notice board. As most of the general information and circulars are to be accessed across organization, the HR department may use this utility to pass information to everyone in the organization.



Key Features


Send an appreciation or warning memo to the employee, make an employee reply to your memos and also take employee memos to their Performance Management to asses their performance holistically.

Surveys & Polls

Understand how employees perceive the organization and also what your employees want through the Poll and Survey feature. Help your organization improve based on the result findings.

Grievance Management

Manage employee grievances online, take action, set up teams to manage them and oversee the process ensuring transparency on all the grievances raised by your employees.

Organization Policy Management

Manage all Your Organization Policies online, update Policies and amendments to Policies, and enable your employees read your Policies through the welcome page and list in Employee Self Service

News & Announcement

Announce news and broadcast announcements through your organization with alerts through emails and mobile apps to your entire workforce immediately. Holiday notifications to best employee of the month to any kind of notification can be done.

Birthday & Anniversary Alerts

Make your employees feel special with a Birthday Wish and Anniversary wish , and Notify it through the organization , also have templates set specifically for your organization with your Organization logos and the wish you want to convey