Training Management

Knowledge is growing every moment, and the right knowledge on the quality procedures and right usage of tools improves the performance of the employees by Trainings




Imparting updated knowledge to the teams is integral part of HR department in achieving organizational development objectives.  Exenta HRMS Training Management module is designed to optimize training with all elements of training integrated into the system right from identification of a training need, to evaluating the performance after training. Appraisal identifies the need for training and with those inputs a training calendar is developed by the HR department with monthly breakup schedules. The HR department can hire external agencies and provide additional Exenta Login to upload sharable training materials. When the manager nominates team members for training, the employee gets automated email notification and they can also check training history of the team members. The manager can track the training evaluation and feedback for every team and team members.

MANAGING THE ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE: THE TRAINING LIFECYCLE: The team managers have a critical role in deciding the training needs of their team to channelize performance optimization of the department to synchronize with the organizational growth dynamics. Exenta HRMS Training Management does this easily and effortlessly with a 360 degree view for Trainings.




Key Features

Training Need Analysis

Understand the Training Need of your organization whenever needed, or you can plan it once a year or once in two years based on your need. Get recommendation from managers on the training needs their teams have and improvements needed by building your questionnaire and automatically, sending it to the managers.

Annual Calendar

Build an annual training calendar based on the recommendations of the managers and also recommendations from Probation reviews and Performance Management. Schedule the trainings on the month and dates you want to and then it will appear in the calendar, allowing employees and managers to see the training schedules.

Online Training

Build your own online training programs, build chapters, use media and build quizzes which would be available for the employees to take, or if you have already built programs migrate that to the system and make employees take them, configure to ensure employees complete the program by taking the quizzes/exams you have set-up.

Training Feedback

Training feedbacks help you to understand how the trainees perceive the training as well as the trainer, set up your own feedback form and analyze the results of different training programs and trainer effectiveness.

Training Evaluation

Measuring the training success needs a proper planned evaluation, the system allows you to evaluate the trainees after a period of time through knowledge testing using quizzes or through exams, in a planned interval like three or six months after the training has been undertaken.

Mandatory Training Hours

Set up mandatory training hours for different groups of employees by way of configuration, manage their training hour completion, and automated alerts help the employees to keep in track of the mandatory hours to be completed versus the completed hours.