Performance Software

Performance management is a set of process which is meant to measure the employee’s performance through different type of evaluations and based on the feedback, developing an employee as they perform their job to the best of their ability. Performance management program is not aimed at improving all skills of the employee. A good performance management program will focus on improving the skills that help an employee to do their work better within the expected parameters inside the Organization.


Performance management software helps Managers set -up the performance Measurement program through various components like KRA, 360 Degree, Goals and Objectives. Performance management software helps improve employee engagement through transparency, recognition and feedback. Each team member can see how professional development program align to business goals.


Performance management is an essential function of HR which includes both performance appraisal of the individual and employee development, simultaneously. Though, most of the time this area is blamed to be filled with subjective choices, Exenta HRMS approaches performance management objectively and quantitatively. The module offers the HR manager as well as the strategic management the comprehensive picture of how the talents are distributed in the organization.