Why do you need to automate your HR Process?
Why do you need to automate your HR Process?

Human resource Department of an Organization is involved in the employee life cycle right from the day he posts his candidature for the Job to his last day and his processing of the full and final settlement. In this whole process the hr team evolves along with him during his tenure in the organization right from managing his attendances, probation, payroll, salary increment, performance manage and his income taxes. It’s a cumbersome task for the HR , tracking this manually takes most of the time of the HR team and it does not allow them the scope to think beyond the normal Manual Process.

Repetitive tasks which is done by the Hr on a day to day basis has the scope to be automated and this would save valuable time  for the Hr department and the Management, Moving to strategic HR moves the Organization to a different plane. If you take the case of Onboarding, every employee joining the organization has to fill in the new joiner form and then the Hr has to either key it in the data into the system or maintain a manual file where we keeps the file uploaded and accessing this would be a night mare if your employee strength is high.

In the Automation process the system sends out a Pre-onboarding form on acceptance of the offer letter, and the candidate fills in the information and the hr teams get an automatic alerts, also providing logins and help desks to employees would give them access to their data, pay stubs, and also anything and everything related to them helping you save valuable time servicing their requests.

The help desk will help you to avoid direct calls and emails of employees, thus saving time and effort, Above all, automating your HR department with an HCM will mean a simplified HR department, an improved employee experience, and more time and money for your organization.

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