Migrating to New HRMS



Why you should look for new vendor for HRMS?

In India most of the companies are still using an outdated HRMS or basic excel to manage the HR activities.

The current system might be satisfying the existing needs, but the automation and technological advantages of the latest HRMS systems in the market is missed by these companies.

If any one of the following issue is faced it is high time that the company should migrate to a latest HRMS system.

Still dependent on paper and printing data ?

If the current vendor convinces that paper printing is quite normal, think about migrating to a new HRMS solution.

Current system is slow and difficult to use

  • Is the existing system very slow and hard to use?
  • Is the data transferred manually between each module?
  • Does the HRMS used seem almost like a data entry tool?
  • Then the best option is a fully automated HRMS which will automatically manage and move employee data across all the modules of HRMS.
  • If the vendor is called most of the time in managing the current system then changing the system would be a best thought.
  • Otherwise a lot of time would be invested in calling the vendor for managing the system.

Poor customer support

If felt like being at the mercy of the current vendor for support then the vendor should be changed.

If the whole system goes down one fine day due to some technical problem and the current vendor support staff does not respond properly then it will be like a big adversity for the business. 

Improper resource utilization

Even if an HRMS is placed and still the employees run to the HR for minor details then migrating to a new system should be considered.

Because having a proper automated HRMS can avoid all these stuffs and the entire employee and HR communication will be automated through the HRMS. 


Remember the key test is if the accuracy of the data in the new system equals or exceeds the old then the HRMS data migration was a success. 

Use this opportunity to make a transformational debut for the company HRMS platform and have very happy, engaged and aligned employees!








Supremacy of HR Automation via Exenta HRMS

The era of manual HR department is at closure due to the HR Automation. The so called Human Recourses was a complex task when done manually for the HR individuals. Thanks to technology, things are much effortless with the assist of pre-built applications like Exenta HRMS. 

 The HR process includes a bunch of tasks like Recruiting, Training, Performance appraisals, Timesheet tracking, on boarding, off boarding, Leave requests, Payroll and so on. The process is unquestionably strenuous to be handled manually. “To err is human” as the saying goes, it is obviously plausible for flaws when enrolled with a bunch of work concurrently as a human. This is where HR Automation heads up and deals with all the tasks easily with much lesser time consumption comparatively.

Exenta HRMS is the best choice when it comes to HR Automation. Entire requirements regarding the HR department are aptly pre-built in the app, customized for the organization in terms of uncomplicated utilization. Without further thoughts the smartest move would be to rely on Exenta HRMS to upgrade and modernize with the swiftness of millennial and forward thinking. 

The Return in Investment (ROI) Race

Businesses are finding that they have to change the way they do business. The strategic business plan is like a race plan. To have a successful trip to profitability, we need to know more on new dashboard measurements. The justification of costs associated with the purchase and implementation of a Human Resources Management System is one of the most pressing challenges facing many HR Departments that they have to change the way they do business.  

To have a successful trip to profitability, we need to know more on new dashboard measurements. The justification of costs associated with the purchase and implementation of a Human Resources Management System is one of the most pressing challenges facing many HR Departments. 

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, the integral part of the company’s mission.  

Hence the company has to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel they have the vital role in the pursuit to improve business results

Therefore like any other investment, this critical company investment must yield a healthy return and to do this in a perfect manner Exenta HRMS is here to support the organizational needs.


Convenience of HR Automation

HR automation is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system. HR automation tool automates HR process and eliminates HR Admin work and improves efficiency of the HR Team. Undoubtedly the HR department is one of the most crucial departments in an organization thrust with overwork in multiple sectors of the company’s projects for its benefit. An HR is responsible for answering tons of questions relating to the welfare of the organization on a daily basis which pushes them to a very hectic routine. This is where HR automation proves its worth in every role supposed to be done by an HR, as it is upfront and updated with all data and all important information of the organization and the employees at just a click, in matter of seconds.


When done manually immense time is misspent in paperwork while in hunt for hiring a new employee. This task is made uncomplicated in HR automation. The paperwork from resume of the employee to job description, and the offer letter, everything is done automatically. This not only reduces time but also helps to analyze and recruit the perfect employee for the required designation.

Onboarding/ Offboarding

Onboarding is another important task that the HR has to concentrate on because a small error can cause a massive chaos. The HR automation is of major assist when it comes to Onboarding /offboarding since a computer program is designed to stimulate conversation with human users to guide them pace by pace to fill in the information and wipe out the confusions and clarify the queries of the employees. So the HR personals get to lay low and relax a bit.


Working on Payroll is a hectic task and seems frenetic without out a proper maintaining of the track details of the employee it’s definitely rocket science. Not anymore if leaning on to HR automation. Payroll records will be calculated with accuracy and the time consumption is greatly less comparatively.

Scheduling time

When it comes to time management it is indisputable that manual time tracking is a burdensome assignment. If something happens out of norms unexpectedly in a particular day or week, may be a change in the already scheduled shift it is even more laborious for the HR personnel’s. All these are not a problem with HR automation every detail of each individual employee is up to date and never forgotten or lost.

Exenta HRMS

Exenta HRMS is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system, with twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline each aspect of your Human Capital.

Exenta manages every single process of your Organization helping you manage mission critical operations, such as planning your workforce for the future and also engages your employees with transparency and helps you work towards retention of your employees and maintaining a happy work force. Each module has a comprehensible dashboard, simple and straightforward UI and most importantly customizable reports. 

Exenta on Mobile

Exenta mobile HRMS empowers employees to access their data through their mobiles and it is convenient for employees to work from anywhere and stay updated on people management and organizational activities all the time. Most of the employee self-service features are available through their mobile.

Planning on an automated and paperless effortless HR department work get in touch with us and our team of industry experts will guide you through the best practices and policies.

HR Automation and its effective benefits

The tedious manual tasks of the HR department are at liberty with the efficient assist of HR automation, allowing them to focus on other complicated tasks like decision making and strategizing

Depletion of time

One of the prime benefits the HR department can procure from HR automation is time consumption. Most often the HR personnel’s are exhausted due to the time draining task they are allocated with, but if automated, the work that takes hours or days can be completed in minutes. 

Serene Liaise Communication

HR automation is convenient when it comes to Onboarding and offboarding for employees. It comes with an automated designed computer programming to guide the employees on submitting all required documents. Pursuing or following co-workers for details via email is no more demanding since Cloud-based automated HR keeps all records on track.

Relieving IT Department

Usually the HR department and IT department frequently work together for a well balanced and pragmatic outcome. When it comes to HR automation surprisingly expensive programmers can be overlooked as it already has the programs preinstalled.

Slain the peril of loosing Data

While working on a large scale or small scale industry HR automation software is programmed to store the data of every employee and keep up to date information on a daily basis. This is acutely supportive at impetus situations for both the employee and the organization.

Leave and Attendance

Managing the attendance and leave of a large workforce dispersed geographically is a herculean task using traditional practices for a modern HR team. This is greatly smoothened with HR automation.

Exenta HRMS Automation

Exenta HRMS is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business information system, with twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline each aspect of your Human Capital. Exenta manages every single process of your Organization helping you manage mission critical operations, such as planning your workforce for the future and also engages your employees with transparency and helps you work towards retention of your employees and maintaining a happy work force.

Organize to contact Exenta HRMS Automation for supreme results

Get in touch with Exenta HRMS Automation for the best HR automation experience. Our team of industry experts will guide you through excellent practices and policies to stand out distinctively among competitors. 




Professional Benefits of HR Automation

Human Resource is one of the most important designations in an organization. The tasks to be handled by the HR department often requires multitasking which makes them busy and tedious. The possibility of chaos is high when indulged with a preoccupied schedule on handling the procedures manually. HR automation is of perfect choice to extirpate all such muddles and maintain all documents and data up to date. In any organization the interaction between the HR and the other employees should be intact for a better and smoother working environment which is impossible to be taken care of manually but with HR automation it is an unchallenging piece of work.

Unnecessary dawdle on time

HR department has to get to know the details on each employee individually on a daily basis and get updated on the information which is a hectic task consuming a whole lot of time. With HR automation there is no more squandering of time. It is a one time installation job, from then on it is an effortless task to keep in pace with the employees on a daily basis.

Swift problem solver

With HR automation, the queries and concerns of the employees are brought to notice of the HR department without delay and the problem is sorted out immediately which is definitely impossible when done manually.

Concurrent discussion

The possibility to connect with multiple employees is accessible with HR automation. Instead of finding time for individual employee, multiple employees can be connected to convey the message simultaneously making the task quick and simple.

Exenta HRMS

Exenta HRMS excels in HR automation with all the features to provide rectified outstanding HR efficiency. Exenta concentrates on the unwrinkled workflow between the HR and the employee for the better productivity of the organization. For guidance on best policies and practices get in touch with us so that our team of industry experts can work wonders for your organization and open a door to an exemplary management.

Implementing Enrollment with HR Automation

Onboarding is introducing a newly hired employee into an organization. When an employee is being onboarded it is like “welcome aboard” since the employee is hired by the organization. The HR department faces various challenges during different stages of onboarding whereas through HR automation the toilsome exertion is suppressed without a trace.

Begin with acquaintance

The opening gambit of onboarding is to ensure that new employees are at ease with their team and the organization. This is very effective because the comfort zone plays a vital role in motivating the new recruits to contribute to organizational goals. This task is simplified through HR automation.

Avail resources for the employee

The pleasant environment will help ease the nerves of the new employees. A good work station with the tools needed to access the necessary program would work wonders.  HR automation excels in guiding the employees step-by-step in this process.

Monitoring the new recruits

A mandatory task for the HR department is to keep in track with the new employees on a daily basis which is tedious. Being updated on minute details about every individual is impossible manually. When it comes to HR automation this is not at all a difficulty. The information of all the employees is always ready to be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Choosing Exenta HRMS

Exenta is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into one-step business information system, with twenty well-defined modules that can track, optimize and streamline each aspect of HCM. Do get in touch with us and allow us to lead you to the brand new experience of HR automation. Exenta HRMS will help you reach the peak of success that you always aspired for your organization with trouble-free HR managing system.

Potentiality of HR Automation in Business

The department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration and training of staff is human resources. It has to be admitted that handling all these tasks definitely is a difficulty even for a skillful person. To revise the complexities in HR department HR automation is the at most remedy. 

Errorless work

Work in an organization or business is way too heavy for an HR personnel. It is not easy to keep up with the exigencies when done manually, this leads to inadequacy of time on accomplishing the tasks, ending up in high possibility of errors. When on HR automation all work is systemized and is up to date without any flaws, to be processed anytime needed.

Reformation through HR automation

The HR department has a great role to play on the success of the organization or business such as recruiting, training and keeping on track with employees which are all part of the HR function. If these crucial tasks are messed up then the total business is already in a sinking boat. This is why the HR personnel should be alert and cautious all the time which is highly impossible. This is the reason why it is indisputable that the choice to switch to HR automation will enlarge the productivity of the organization.

Lean on to Exenta HRMS

Exenta HRMS automates the HR process and HR admin work to improve efficiency of the HR team. We are always all set and highly equipped to lend a shoulder to you in assisting in the process of HR automation. Our industry expertise is at service round the clock to guide you with any queries regarding HR automation. Let us aid you in achieving the goals of your organization with Exenta HRMS.

The Correlation between Marketing and Human Resources

Marketing and human resources are not as different as one might think. Whenever we are trying to convince people, we need to position and market our proposition so it looks attractive. The correlation of marketing and human resources, functions in motivating behaviors of customer-contact, employees and this impacts organizational performance. We have to maintain the value of interaction between Marketing and Human Resources which thereby leads to the importance of marketing in HR.

In today’s competitive world talent acquisition is a big and challenging task. As companies increase day by day, getting the right candidates at the right time is a big challenge for any organization. Effective marketing would be the key in future for HR departments for getting the right candidates at the right time. Following would be the keys for effective marketing in HR.

Building an effective and appropriate list

Database building would be one of the key roles in any recruitment process. If you have a proper and categorized database, it would be really easy for you as a HR to get the right candidates on time. This makes sure that you achieve your targets set by the management on time and you being stress free. Database building can be done in a lot of ways such as a good newsletter targeting prospective candidates. Also you can work in social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to get the right candidates.

Having a good newsletter

Maintaining a good newsletter from HR to the prospective candidates will be a great way to keep in touch. This increases a lot of trust and credibility from the candidates point of view. Also candidates will be very well updated about the company achievements and developments. This will indirectly increase the curiosity and interest in the candidates' mind towards the company. You can include all sorts of things like employee engagement and employee welfare in the newsletter so that it will be very well communicated to the candidates.

Working in Social media

Social media like LinkedIn and Facebook will be a great medium for interacting with and finding the right talent for your organization. You can analyze the behavioral pattern of candidates through Facebook by seeing their updates and how they interact with their friends in Facebook. Also you can have a Facebook company page where you can publish your hiring updates. If you have more likes on Facebook that means that there would be a greater reach for your hiring updates. Also through LinkedIn you can find the right resource for your business by checking profiles of candidates.

Writing great articles about career management

Writing great articles about career management connects with the right candidates for your organization. In the articles you should not directly try to promote the company, but you should really focus on the career types which you can offer and how that helps the candidates in the long run. Hiring a writer for the same will be a great idea for any organization.

Having a great corporate video

Having a great corporate video helps to build the brand of the company quickly. A video speaks a lot than a normal content. In the video you can show company achievements and employee engagement. Visually this will draw attention from candidates towards the company, also the message from your side will be communicated to the candidates quickly.


Quite simply, the methodology that the marketing people use to attract new customers for your company can also be used to successfully recruit the workers you need to get the job done.

HRMS Software – The quality of being beneficial

HRMS Software – The Quality of Being Beneficial

A human resource information system is a computer software which employers use to manage the human resources functions of their organization. It has the capability to maintain employment records of all staff members, and employers can use it to collect metrics surrounding the firm's staffing, performance management, compensation and benefit activities.

Perhaps the biggest gain using an HRMS system adds to a business, is its ability to create reports and presentations. The system typically holds all information surrounding the firm's human resource initiatives, including details regarding the group’s hiring practices, such as a comprehensive listing of all job applicants, an up-to-date index of job openings and electronic copies of each employee's onboarding paperwork. It also holds data regarding the salary and incentive compensation of each staff member. Results of annual performance appraisals and any disciplinary actions that have been taken toward members of the team are included, as well.

Because these figures are held in one database, a business owner possesses the capability of running a variety of detailed reports that encompasses some or all of this information. For example, when looking to hire additional staff, the owner can run a report of past candidates who possess a specific skill set. Alternatively, the authorized personnel can run a compensation report to obtain needed information when preparing the annual budget.

Why invest in a Human Resource Management System?

A detailed and flexible software program can help you manage staff records, navigate personnel information, track payroll data and benefits. Why mess around with excel spreadsheets or print documents when you can have everything you need easily compiled and sorted in a decent HRMS Software Solution? Human Resources software programs also allow the competent HR professional to generate reports on a variety of subjects quickly and easily.

Customizing your HR Software

Human Resource Software programs provide templates which you can use to draft letters of recognition or dismissal and a host of other vital HR documents. You can often create and even customize letters and memos to employees, clients or other business professionals using a comprehensive HRMS program.

The good news is HRMS programs are tailored to meet an organization's unique needs. So whether you have 50 or 5000 employees you are bound to find something that works for your team, in most cases without investing a fortune.

Save your time & energy, Switch on to Human Capital Management System

The HRMS software offers you with splendid valuable services such as:-

Employee data management
Job opening management
Applicants managementTime and Attendance management
Performance management
Payroll management
Asset management
Employee training data management
Documents management
Travel management
Project Tracking
Exit management
Access from tablet or smartphone device
Company information and data management
Setup password protection for your database
Employee login to their own page and input/update their own data
HR manager reminder 
The ROI Race

The correlation between Marketing and Human Resources

How to Complete a successful HRMS Implementation

Today’s HRMS market is flooded by lot of HRMS vendors. It is very difficult as a HR person to choose the best one which suits their requirements. Each vendor markets their product with their core functions. It makes even tougher for the HR person to judge the product capabilities, if they are looking for a full fledged HRMS system which can fully automate the HR process in their organization. So now you may think that once you choose the perfect vendor from your perspective, you have completed the whole cycle. But in reality the most difficult task would be implementing the HRMS in your organization.

In the real scenario, most of the HRMS implementation fails or take ages to complete. This is due to improper planning from the HRMS vendor and also due to false promises. Also cooperation from the HR person is also really important for completing a successful implementation. Because this is a two way process between the HRMS vendor and the HR person. So before starting the implementation, detailed discussion and planning should happen between both parties. A successful implementation can be completed only by a step by step systematic approach from the vendor side. The major steps are as follows.

1. Planning the implementation2. System study of current environment
3. Migration of existing dat4. Testing of the system
5. Training of the HRMS for HR person6. User acceptance from the HR person
7. Go live 

Each HRMS vendors follow different approach in completing the above process. According to that each of the process listed above can be completed one by one or simultaneously also. Each steps listed above has its own criticality and importance. As a HR person it is really important to monitor whether the above steps are properly executed for a proper and successful implementation.

HRMS implementations are a critical step in the overall ROI process. Implementing HRMS systems requires all involved to deal with personal and confidential data. Accurate HRMS data is the key to the systems effectiveness. For a successful HRMS implementation try not to implement too many modules at one time. Define what modules are in scope and what modules are not. Keeping a realistic time frame is an integral part of the overall implementation.

A good implementation project should include comprehensive stakeholder engagement, in-depth HRMS testing and a carefully-planned training program.

HRMS applications have several options open in order to be more accessible to businesses of all sizes, but its very important to consider what exactly needs to be upgraded or changed altogether prior to HRMS implementation. Generally speaking, changes of this nature are endorsed by management, and someone should be assigned to help ensure successful implementation.

Whether its an HCM System or a simple HRMS management system, careful consideration needs to be made in order to best understand how to effectively implement the new HRMS. Its important to be aware of the impact the new system will have on your business as well, and how to best put it into place. With management on side and offering training to their personnel, businesses can save time and money over the long term by offering better management services to their employees.

Contact us to see how we can help you automate and streamline your workforce management needs.

HRMS Software & Employee Participation

Rewards of HRMS Cloud version





HRMS and Social Media

In today’s HRMS world, integration with social media is a must for any HRMS product in the market. Because employees interact with social media like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis and they openly discuss about the pros and cons of the company. Websites like glass door allows employees to publish their feedback and opinion about their work culture in the current company.

This makes the right information about the company available to candidates before joining the company. Any organization can increase the efficiency of their workforce by connecting with social media in a proper manner. Now a day’s companies are promoting open culture for sharing updates and information about their product and work culture. Also for hiring, social media is a must for any organization for getting the right talent at the right time.

By connecting with social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, HR people recruits great talent in a shorter time as compared to the traditional methods like Job websites. This ultimately increases the productivity of recruiters and quality of the talent. Social media can also be used to promote the learning activities as well as knowledge gain.

Employees can be encouraged to write and maintain blogs in various social media. This can be shared later to the other employees for knowledge transfer. This will improve employee’s knowledge in the product and the domain they are working in. This also improves great networking between employees in the same domain. By this way organization can achieve their goals and improve performance with better knowledgeable employees. In near future Social media will not be just a plug-in which can be added to the HRMS, but it would be a critical tool for managing the employees and their user experience in HRMS. Social media is quite a phenomenon.

It is rapidly gaining users across generations and becoming a main stream business tool. It provides unique opportunities to promote your product and services, find and recruit talented employees. The time to adopt social media strategies and policies in your business is right now. As companies explore the uses of social media in their sales, marketing, public relations, human resources, and customer service, it’s essential that clear company policies exist to help guide employees about the proper use of these technologies.




Rewards of HRMS Cloud Version

HRMS is the greatest concept presented couple of decades before which has now revolutionized the HR department functions. It has comparatively made the life easy for the HR persons and for the management. During initial days the major scenario HR has focused was on recruiting. Manually keeping the employees records was an enormous task. The entry of HRMS immensely reduced the manual work done by HR personnels.

Have you decided to move on with HRMS? If so which one you will choose? Either Cloud or On-premise option? Let me share with you the vast advantages of using HRMS Cloud Version.

Less price for initial investment

If you are going for On-premise model, you will be investing a lot for buying out the software from vendor and also for the IT infrastructure. Therefore you can utilize this high capital investment for all the crucial and important HR task in an organization. So if you are into small business then it will be an apt decision for you to start with cloud option and later in the future migrate to the on-premise model once the organization grows. Pay-as-you-go model in the Cloud option really helps for any small business i.e. you will be paying only the cost for the usage depending upon the number of employees and the kind of features in HRMS which you have opted with the vendor.

High security and scalability

The cloud option for HRMS is highly scalable. Along with the growth of the company the employee data also grows. This can be easily added to the existing set up of cloud. So you will have to paythe charges only for those extra users. Also cloud option is highly secure. But this varies from vendor to vendor. Consequently you have to be careful in choosing the right vendor who has good reputation in maintaining employee data of an organization.

Fast delivery of data and portability

Cloud option of HRMS comes normally with great speed in delivering employee data. Usually software updates and changes happen very fast with cloud version. Also it is really easy to deploy the software and updates to each organizations from the vendor perspective. So if you are really looking for quick implementation of HRMS in your organization it is better to go forcloud. This reduces lot of hassles during implementation as compared to the on-premise model. Also cloud option is highly portable which can be accessed from any device with secured authentication process.

Reduced running cost

Cloud option of HRMS actually comes with the benefits of small running costs. The pay-as-you-go model in cloud truly helps small businesses in reducing their running costs. If you are going for an on-premise model you will end up with paying the IT person for the maintenance of your IT infrastructure which hosts the HRMS. Also you need to pay the annual maintenance contract for the IT infrastructure as well as for the softwares hosted in the server. This all makes cloud option a better choice of HRMS for small businesses.

Is your organization in the cloud yet? What we are referring to here is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the way millions of organizations manage their human resource functions today. Gone are the days of internal servers and filing cabinets overflowing with employee information. Now, companies turn to scalable and flexible software capabilities to securely handle their day-to-day HR administration on a virtual platform.

Being a public cloud offering, Exenta HRMS offers easy deployment. All that a user requires in terms of infrastructure is the ubiquitous browser. This, coupled with mobility, opens up amazing possibilities for a progressive organization.