Rewards of HRMS Cloud Version

HRMS is the greatest concept presented couple of decades before which has now revolutionized the HR department functions. It has comparatively made the life easy for the HR persons and for the management. During initial days the major scenario HR has focused was on recruiting. Manually keeping the employees records was an enormous task. The entry of HRMS immensely reduced the manual work done by HR personnels.

Have you decided to move on with HRMS? If so which one you will choose? Either Cloud or On-premise option? Let me share with you the vast advantages of using HRMS Cloud Version.

Less price for initial investment

If you are going for On-premise model, you will be investing a lot for buying out the software from vendor and also for the IT infrastructure. Therefore you can utilize this high capital investment for all the crucial and important HR task in an organization. So if you are into small business then it will be an apt decision for you to start with cloud option and later in the future migrate to the on-premise model once the organization grows. Pay-as-you-go model in the Cloud option really helps for any small business i.e. you will be paying only the cost for the usage depending upon the number of employees and the kind of features in HRMS which you have opted with the vendor.

High security and scalability

The cloud option for HRMS is highly scalable. Along with the growth of the company the employee data also grows. This can be easily added to the existing set up of cloud. So you will have to paythe charges only for those extra users. Also cloud option is highly secure. But this varies from vendor to vendor. Consequently you have to be careful in choosing the right vendor who has good reputation in maintaining employee data of an organization.

Fast delivery of data and portability

Cloud option of HRMS comes normally with great speed in delivering employee data. Usually software updates and changes happen very fast with cloud version. Also it is really easy to deploy the software and updates to each organizations from the vendor perspective. So if you are really looking for quick implementation of HRMS in your organization it is better to go forcloud. This reduces lot of hassles during implementation as compared to the on-premise model. Also cloud option is highly portable which can be accessed from any device with secured authentication process.

Reduced running cost

Cloud option of HRMS actually comes with the benefits of small running costs. The pay-as-you-go model in cloud truly helps small businesses in reducing their running costs. If you are going for an on-premise model you will end up with paying the IT person for the maintenance of your IT infrastructure which hosts the HRMS. Also you need to pay the annual maintenance contract for the IT infrastructure as well as for the softwares hosted in the server. This all makes cloud option a better choice of HRMS for small businesses.

Is your organization in the cloud yet? What we are referring to here is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that has transformed the way millions of organizations manage their human resource functions today. Gone are the days of internal servers and filing cabinets overflowing with employee information. Now, companies turn to scalable and flexible software capabilities to securely handle their day-to-day HR administration on a virtual platform.

Being a public cloud offering, Exenta HRMS offers easy deployment. All that a user requires in terms of infrastructure is the ubiquitous browser. This, coupled with mobility, opens up amazing possibilities for a progressive organization.






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