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Expense Management in Exenta

Expense Management in Exenta

Exenta gives you the option to apply Reimbursementof your expenses through your self-service portal and through your Mobile Application. The applied Reimbursement will be have to approved by the approved by the designated authority and approval of your Expense Reimbursement will be notified in the portal as well as email. 

 Accessing your Expense Reimbursement Application page:

You need to Login to your HRMS and then go to the Compensation Module in the Main menu which is on the top of the HRMS


Please click on the CompensationModule, you would land in the Compensation Page

Click on the Expense Management Option to start applying for your Expense Reimbursement. Once the option is clicked, a new page will be loaded as shown below:

To start applying for Expense Reimbursement, click on the ĎAdd New Reimbursementí option which is below the graph on the same page.

On clicking the Add New Reimbursement button, a new page with Reimbursement application option will Pop up as shown in the figure below:

User will need to choose the Expense Type, Expense date, Expense name, Uploading the corresponding document/ Bill for the expense is needed, once you upload then you and click on submit to complete the Expense Reimbursement application. After successful application of the Expense Reimbursement, a pop up stating the Reimbursement application message will be shown.

Once the Reimbursement got approved from the Designated approving authority, a notification will be shown in the home page of the self-service portal and also in mobile application. An email notification will also be sent after the approval or rejection of Reimbursement.

The approval or rejection of the Expense Reimbursement will be notified on home page as shown below under notifications option:

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