Awards management

Improve Employee Motivation in your organization by running a comprehensive Award Management Program




Employee Awards and Rewards are great employee motivation tools for an organization. Exenta HRMS lets you set up multiple awards, right from best employee of the month to best employee of the year, or any other awards the organization pleases to do. All these awards can be configured and also the type of award can be configured to either prize money or what ever the organization wishes to do.

Once awards are published, the system allows the managers to nominate employees for the awards and with a reasoning of why that employee should win the award based on the period of the award. The system allows the organization to set up review managers who can review all the nominations and can give their opinions with a ranking. The final decision makers review all of the data and make a decision and then the HR team is notified which publishes the awards and notify all employees about the winner.




Key Features

Manage Award Types

The System allows you to build any kind of awards like Monthly awards, quarterly, annual awards, right from best employee to best performer, the system allows you to name it as you please and helps improve employee Motivation in the Organization

Nomination Management

Managers can Nominate teams through the system and send a report on why they are nominating that team member for the award and why they should receive it, the Review teams then review all the Nominations and the finalizes the award

Award Broadcasting

Notify awards through the system, broadcast awards to all employees and make the awardees feel motivated and the other employees would also look forward to performing better to win the awards