Succession Planning

Succession Planning helps you to nurture and develop new leaders from the talent pool


Exenta HRMS Succession Planning program allows managers to identify and develop new leaders who can replace existing leaders when they leave. Succession Planning helps by developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. This is done by doing a competency map of employees, identifying risks, and preparing a gap analysis to the leadership role the employee is planned to be ready for.

Exenta HRMS helps you build a competency-based talent pool for every critical area of  your business. Identified gaps in employees for the proposed employee positions are built-in through targeted and  purposeful development plans, and this helps you not only to build a highly skilled and engaged workforce, but also to ensure your employees have the skills they need to thrive as they step into new roles. The system has to the capability to identify and recommend second line leaders from the talent pool based on their competency gap reviews and their performance. The talent pool also allows you to compare between people and then enrol them into the Succession Planning program thus giving managers insight into the available talent, helping them make decisions.


Key Features

Employee Risk Mitigation

Asses the risk of your employees leaving by the monthly or the quarterly risk assessment plant done by your Mangers through the system and eliminate the high risk people from the Succession planning program helping managers to ensure that they spend time on the right employee

Competency Gap

The system helps building second level successors for key positions by identifying the gap between the two positions and suggesting who would be a closest fit and what would be the gap of that employee to reach the upper level and helping Hr managers to put a effective plan

Succession Readiness

The system makes managers asses the employees enrolled in the succession planning program , Continuous Reviews in planned intervals help managers understand the readiness of the employee to move to the next level and work on continuous improvement of the employee till he reaches the desired levels