Visitor Management

Manage and track all visitors to your organization with an advanced Visitor Management System from Exenta HRMS



Exenta HRMS allows employees and administrators to schedule visitors to their organization with the necessary approvals based on the workflow of the organization. Approved visitor information  is sent to the Gate / Reception, and the system has the capability to print visitor passes as well. Visitor assets like mobiles, laptops and data storage devices are mapped to the system, and only if approved they are allowed to be taken inside the organization. The system also captures photos of the visitors and also maps his/her identity cards to the system so that the data of visitor is always maintained in the system.

Exenta HRMS has the capability to issue internal passes as well if the organization is a manufacturing or a factory set-up, where employees need to go out of turn of their timings, and it brings in control of employee movements when the manufacturing campuses are large. Managers will have access to the history of the visitors and can search any visitor and his details using the search option available in the Visitor history page. 



Key Features

Internal Pass

For manufacturing units the system allows you to issue internal pass which will be automatically notified at the gate, allowing the employee to pass through timing other than his shift and will also mark his attendance automatically

Visitor Pass

Any Visitor coming to the organization/ Factory can be scheduled earlier and with prior approvals the notification is send to the gate or to the security concerned thus enabling smooth passage of the Visitors to your Organization

Visitor Mapping

The system allows you to do visitor Mapping, take photographs of the visitor and enter his id card details, so that you can track the number of times each visitor has come and maintain a history of every visitor who comes to the organization