Transaction Management

Helps in managing employee probation, employee transfers and employee promotions automatically


Recognition motivates employees on their achievements and it is like oiling the cog for a greater organizational performance. Growth, achievement, recognition are interrelated terminologies in the career transition path of every employee and organization. Exenta HRMS manages Career Transition, in an easy, process oriented and transparent way.

CAREER TRANSITION MANAGEMENT: Career transition is transformation of every employee in an organization; Exenta HRMS handles every process of career transition sensitively and completely transparent, supported with all data backed by the system. The transition could be a promotion or a salary increment or change in contractual obligation or elevation of a trainee or transfers within the organization; every rule on transition is a configurable workflow. Some transition may be single and quick and some transitions could be applied on a bulk of employees; Exenta HRMS has solutions for every organizational private policy.


Key Features

Probation Management

Manage multiple periods for Probation, manage multiple reviews, and have your own review questions and workflows set up for managing the reviews, exit employee , extend probation or confirm an employee automatically.

Employee Movement

Manage employee movement inside the organization from department change, work location change, reporting manager change or even a grade change and maintain a service record of the employee.

Promotion Management

Manage promotions coming ad hoc or through Performance Management, issue automated letters, announce it to all concerned and also do a automated salary increment related to promotion.

Salary Increment

Manage salary increment ad hoc or through performance management, balance new components, and issue increment letters automatically.

Contract Management

Manage contract employees, manage their contract period, issue letters after contract and extend their contract through the system, differentiate and maintain these employees separately and have different policies and workflow for them.

Trainee Management

Manage trainees and their training period, issue letters after training period, and extend their training period through the system, or make them permanent and differentiate and maintain these employees separately and have different policies and workflow for them.