Exit Management

Employee Separation system in Exenta HRMS is the ideal way of ensuring that the exit process is efficiently done



Retirement, resignations and retrenchment are inevitable in the organic evolution of an organization. However, a good HR policy can keep staff turnover and attrition under control.  Employees leaving an organization can provide valuable inputs to formulate an excellent HR policy. Further, proper off-boarding process validates that the employee benefits are awarded and the intellectual properties of the organization is protected. Exenta HRMS monitors the entire exit process through managed checklists, collecting metrics through exit questionnaires and scheduled exit interviews.

From separation request of an employee to final settlement and issuing relieving letter, the full lifecycle of exit management is completely automated and configurable to meet the needs of HR policy. This module is applicable to all kind of separation including, superannuation, terminating absconding employees or termination due to legal issues and retrenchment on policy decision or redundancy; Exenta HRMS handles all kinds of separations with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. The system automatically requests authorization wherever No Due Clearances (NDC) are needed and sends automated mails to departments and candidate for verification. Tracking the lifecycle of a separation request is free from anxiety while using Exenta HRMS.



Key Features

Separation Management

Manage Separation Request through Workflows, accept Resignation, automated Acceptance letter , Rejection letter and options for retaining employee with all necessary Approvals.

Online Clearance

Eliminate manual exit clearance and paperwork by setting up your own exit clearance and responsibilities through workflows. Complete Exit Clearance process is automated.

Abscondment Management

Get alerts for absconders based on your policy, identify, send automated warning letters, and exit employees who exceed your policy automatically based on workflows.

Exit Surveys

Create your own exit surveys, and ensure that all the exit employees are made to take the exit surveys automatically and review the exit surveys for better performance of your organization.

Automated Letters

Automate all the letters you issue to employees right from their relieving letter, experience letter, full and final settlement letter and resignation letter through templates.

Full & Final Settlement

Automated full and final settlement including income tax calculations, bonus calculations, gratuity and all other settlements of the employee saving great amount of time for your organization.